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First Croatian Country Radio


Our mission is to expand your musical horizons and introduce the trademark country sound into your lives!

Our vision is to become and remain the key spot for all country fans and those on their way to becoming one in our region!

The roots of Country Express Radio reach all the way back to 1986, when three guys from Zagreb, Robert Lončarić, Damir Bešić and Nenad Matić, decided to pour their love for country music into a radio show called “Country Express”.


Since then, “Country Express” has come a long way, enriching a number of Croatian radio programmes with its quality and diversity. After a long journey, “Country Express” has finally found a new and permanent home at its own eponymous radio station.


Our listeners can count on great diversity in the country genre and loyalty to tradition from the 1920s and 1930s country pioneers all the way to the modern Ameripolitan sound.


When you’re listening to the Country Express Radio, there’s no room for boredom!


Join us as we play Kentucky bluegrass, singing cowboys from the big screen, Tex-Mex from the border of Texas and Mexico, Californian honky-tonk, music perfectionists from Nashville, Texan and Oklahoman western swing, Cajun from the swamps of Louisiana, long-haired country-rock stars, the catchy rhythms of truck-driving country and the rockabilly rhythm inviting you to dance!

Great instrumentalists and exceptional singers are the backbone of our radio programme!

Programme contents:

The programme of the first 100% country radio station in Croatia is formed of two signature shows with well-known hosts:

“Country Express” – a two-hour musical treat edited and hosted by an experienced DJ, Nenad Matić
SUNDAY from 5pm

“Dixie Road” – authored and hosted by the charming Margareta Pleško
SUNDAY from 7pm

Of course, that is not all because we will always make room in our programme for special radio shows hosted by American DJs, concert recordings, surprise guests and shows focused on special genres.

We are truly looking forward to your suggestions, thoughts and recommendations so that we can continue to improve this programme, making it a favourite of ours and yours!



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